Priscilla Holmes

Now I See You – published by Modjaji Books 2014

Set in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, this book has an interesting, feisty heroine, Tabisa Tswane, a smart police officer who is chasing two weird criminals, who speak in Donald Duck Voices and wear alien masks. This means Tabisa has to return to the last place she wants to be, the remote valley where she grew up. Tabisa’s grandfather, a tribal chief, wants to marry her off to an ancient suitor for large lobolo. Tabisa is a smart, savvy detective who has rebelled against the system and been cast out of the valley. Now, fourteen years later, she has to come to terms with her rural roots, and solves a dark secret in the process. ‘Now I See You’ is based on a true story.

Children of Mer

Published in 2004, Aimed at young adults, a teenage novel about our early people, The Mers. Amidst the destruction of their once beautiful planet, the Mers harness the last of their amazing technology. They board high-tech ark ships bound for a new planet… Earth. Years later, a young warrior Tia, is forced to save her people from enemies who seek to destroy them. As these beautiful people, who can live underwater as well as on land embark on a journey, helped by whales and other sea creatures, Tia struggles to save the Mer civilisation. This book exposes the mysteries and dangers that mark the crossing of childhood into adulthood… and the Mers are still with us today.

Women Like Us by The Write Girls Published 2011

A compilation of short stories from the Write Girls group, a creative writing group, started by Priscilla Holmes, These are the stories of nine women, their thoughts, ideas and emotions. They all opened their imaginations, called on their experiences and tapped into their dreams, to put this book together.

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The Man With The Blue Eyes by The Write Girls Published 2013 – now available as an e-book on Kindle

A second book by the Write Girls, written by seven women from Priscilla’s creative writing group, All seven wanted to kill the man with the blue eyes… for various reasons... but which one was it? This novel is full of twists and turns which will keep you guessing till the last page.

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